Charlotte Pert

Marine conservation cambodia documentary, fighting illegal fishing


(ongoing photo series)

Published in Narratively, 2016

Hell or High Water is a look (and investigation) into the methods and effects of Cambodia’s illegal fishing industry, as well as the marine conservation efforts being made for the first time in the country.

Focusing on the work of Marine Conservation Cambodia- a determined independent conservation group who will protect the oceans come hell or high water- who helped establish one of the first Marine Protection Areas (MPA) in Cambodia. They are now trying to establish more in Kep, where they are based on their remote conservation island, Koh Seh. Not only do they conduct research, collecting data used by the government, they also fight against illegal fishing methods; conducting their own independent sea patrols, where they face regular danger and threats from large scale illegal fishing operations. 

Continuing my work, I would also like to look into the different methods of illegal fishing creating the biggest impact on the marine life, through following groups of illegal fishers. Also following the illegal fishing industry, showing illegally catch from the ocean to the markets they are sold.

Illegal methods have a huge impact on the environment, as well as small scale legal fishermen. 
By following small scale legal fishermen, it will help illustrate the impacts of both MCC and illegal fishing- showing diminishing fish stocks through families that can no longer catch enough to survive...