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Nat Geo Explorer: 2013 Made in Cambodia

With rural indigenous groups feeling the impact of climate change, as it continues effecting crops- as well as rife land concessions involving big companies- more young people are leaving their traditional rural villages, to seek work elsewhere in urban areas, within the garment industry, in order to support their families back home. 

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Nat Geo Explorer: 2008 Last Love Hut

Bride and Groom huts- also known as “love huts” have been an indigenous Kreung custom, where young girls and boys approaching adolescence, were given their own huts outside the family home, where they could live independently, court the opposite sex to find the correct life partner, as well as experiment with premarital sex. With villages being so scarce, and bad road conditions, making traveling time between villages long and tiring, it would be common for visitors courting from other villages to stay for the night.

Now this tradition which was once a key part of Kreung culture no longer exists. These huts have not been used for the past 10-15-years, being made redundant within indigenous society, due to technology and better road conditions. 

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National Geographic Explorer...

Almost 1-Year of Hard Work!

In 2016 I was lucky enough to become a National Geographic Explorer, and be awarded a grant to fund a project looking into the history of Cambodias indigenous minorities...

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