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Nat Geo Explorer: 2013 Made in Cambodia

With rural indigenous groups feeling the impact of climate change, as it continues effecting crops- as well as rife land concessions involving big companies- more young people are leaving their traditional rural villages, to seek work elsewhere in urban areas, within the garment industry, in order to support their families back home. 

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Nat Geo Explorer: 1966 Medicine Man

During the Khmer Rouge Phnong culture suffered greatly and was lost, as they were not allowed to perform traditional ceremonies, or use traditional healing when sick.  As well as village chief, Toun is also a traditional healer, curing sick people in the village. Collecting natural plants from the nearby forest and making traditional medicines, as well as performing ceremonies such as “exorcisms”, when there is a bad spirit inside someone making them sick. 

Phnong villagers now call on Toun for traditional healing ceremonies, ceremonies which were not permitted during their time under the Khmer Rouge...  

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Nat Geo Explorer: 2016 Animal Sacrifice

Some Bunong customs have survived, one of which is animal sacrifice. Following Phnong tradition, as Pros Sokhas daughter became pregnant before marriage, her family performed a traditional sacrifice ceremony, to appease the spirits. The father of her daughters child first sacrifices a pig, and a chicken. The meat is then shared with the village as an offering, along with jar rice wine- another indigenous Bunong custom..

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